Graduating high school is such an exciting time...

...a whole future ahead of the graduate with so many dreams and goals. When I look back at my graduation photo I am left wondering who exactly that person is. If I showed you my yearbook, the first thing you'd notice is we all have the same poise. We went to a stuffy studio, where we stiffly posed, and smiled at the camera. That is NOT what your senior photo experience should be! It should be as exciting and fun as the last year of high school - and that is what I bring to your session.

Feeling a little scared, anxious, nervous...

..perhaps all of the above? There is no need to worry, as you are in safe hands. My vision of your session includes making you so comfortable you forget you are in front of the camera, as well as I want to include you in the planning of where to have the session, what you envision your senior photos to look like, and more!

From beginning to end, I am available to answer questions, help narrow down choices, and make sure your session is an enjoyable experience where you can relax and have fun.


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