Graduating high school is such an exciting time...a whole future ahead of the graduate with so many dreams and goals. When I look back at my graduation photo I am left wondering who I was at the time of my graduation. If I showed you my yearbook, probably the first thing you'll notice is that we are all posed nicely, in a professional studio, and we had about three choices of poses to choose from. Honestly - we all look the SAME!! There is no correlation at all to the story that was being wrote in my mind. My hopes, my dreams, my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow visions.

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That's what I love about senior photography - the ability to capture the true you. I want you to walk away from your session shouting as loud as you can that was one of the best times ever! Fine. I'll settle for just thinking it but honestly, with all the things I can do to embarrass myself, and your ability to laugh hysterically when I do, how can we not say how much fun we had. Oh! That should be my middle name! Myra FUN Horner. What do you say? Let me capture your story, so in years to come, when you look back at your high school photo you can say, "Oh there you are my old friend. Where have you been?"


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