Portrait Sessions

Pricing & Details

  • $100 of your session pricing is considered a non-refundable retainer. In such case that we are unable to complete your session due to circumstances beyond our control; and all attempts to reschedule failed, the remaining portion of your monies may be returned.
  • While the session fee is non-refundable, it is transferable if session has to be postponed due to circumstances beyond our control. Please refer to the client contract for additional information.

How I tell your story...

From the moment you contact me I will guide you through the whole photo session experience. I want this to be as absolutely stress free as possible and that begins as soon as you book with me.

I will schedule a pre-session consult (which can be done by phone) where we will start talking locations, things you like, things you don't like, whether you want to have a glamorous shoot or a sports shoot or a grunge - remember this is about YOU. From there I will scout locations that coincide with what we both want as I will be looking for the perfect lighting, somewhere with a variety of places for poses, and more. As I am a natural photographer, I'm really more about candid shots that capture the essence of who you are and that is by having YOU BE YOU versus the whole "strike a pose".

After our time together is done, I will process and edit your photos and present them to you via your online gallery. From there I will answer any questions you may have regarding products and prints, and once you select your favorite images I finish the editing process and send the digital images to you. Easy peasy and you have beautiful images to treasure for a lifetime!

Girl Senior Portraits - $300

$100 retainer fee
Hair & make-up $150 (optional)
Pre-session phone/video consult
2 hours, 5 outfits at multiple locations
Online gallery & phone app
Post-Session Photo Reveal
Choice of one product package


Boy Senior Portraits - $300

$100 non-refundable retainer fee
Pre-session phone/video consultation
2 hours, up to 3 outfits at different locations
Online gallery & phone app
Post-Session Photo Reveal
Choice of one product package


Family Portraits - $200

$100 retainer
Pre-session phone/video consult
60-90 minute session
Online gallery & phone app
Post-session Photo Reveal
Choice of one product package


Children Portraits - $150

$100 retainer
Pre-session phone/video consultation
30 minute session
Online gallery & phone app
Post-session Photo Reveal
5 Digital Images with Print Release



Where do you hold your sessions?

I have some favorite locations (one is my own backyard!) but I am always open to exploring and trying out new locations. All I ask is for you to let me know ahead of time so if we need to adjust the starting time due to lighting, we can. Travel up to 60 miles, one way, is included in your session fee.

What should I/we wear?

I suggest wearing what is comfortable and reflects your favorite style and fashion. If buying a new outfit, ask yourself if you would wear it again. If the answer is no, odds are it does not truly reflect who you are. I also suggest staying away from loud/wild/crazy patterns and shirts with logos or graphics. Neutral solid colors that compliment each is a great idea for groups or families. After your session is booked, I do have additional information I will send you.

Will we receive digital images?

Yes, if you choose the Digital Image Product Package you will have the option of choosing ten (10) images which includes the print release form. Please be sure to read your contract regarding proper use of digital images. Digital images are available for purchase, which we would discuss in more detail at your post-session photo reveal.

How do I buy prints?

At your post-session photo reveal, I will sit down with you and show you all images in your gallery. From there we will narrow down your choices and begin to discuss prints and or products. We can view how prints will look on your wall, and discuss the best options for you.

Do I have to order prints through you?

While you do not have to order prints/product through me, I do highly recommend it. Yes, you could have your images printed at a local, retail store; however, I am confident once you see the difference in quality between a professional lab and a retail store, you will understand why I make this recommendation. Professional labs are better able to color match. I have seen cheaper options and the colors were off, images appeared blurry, and colors began fading. The professional lab I use guarantees their images for up to 100 years if properly displayed and/or stored; or up to 200 years if they are stored in dark storage.

Why should we book through you?

Great question! Besides the obvious such as how much I like to have fun and laugh, or bring smiles to others; I truly want to make your experience in front of the camera a comfortable and enjoyable one. I am natural, simple, honest, love meeting new people, and passionate about capturing images you'll cherish for generations to come.

Do you travel to other locations?

Absolutely! One of my top five things is traveling, especially road trips where I can explore areas I might never have been before. If you are interested in having me travel to your location, please contact me so we can discuss travel fees, or if there will be any.

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