Everyone has a story to tell...

What is your story? What will you pass down to your grandchildren to remember your heritage and culture and traditions? Having a professional photographer capture those moments, whether it's throwing Uncle Henry off the dock into the lake, or gathering around dinner table sharing love and laughter, will provide not only memories in the heart, but visual memories as well. (My dad used to sneak up on my Great-Grandfather (who was blind and deaf) and tip his rocking chair into the flower bed. I know right? Just horrible. But man I wish I had a photo of my dad not only executing that, but to see the mischievous little grin on his face as he ran in the house to yell, "Mom, mom! Grandpa's in the flower bed again.") What story can I capture for you?

Let's Work Together

I am so excited to hear from you! Please contact me with any questions, even if you are not sure you want to book a session. Choosing a photographer is a personal thing! You won't know until you speak with me whether I am the right fit for you or not. If I am not the right fit, I have other photographers I will gladly refer you to. After all, the most important thing is capturing your story.

While I am in the Cushing area, traveling to another area is part of your session fee (up to 60 miles one way).

Want to know if I would travel? Just ask!!


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