Selecting Your Images

One of the least favorite parts of being a photographer, at least in MY opinion, is the selecting of the best images. There are times when I would love to send 50+ images from ONE session! However, for my client's sanity (and mine), I usually choose to present a well put together gallery highlighting the best of the best.

Sometimes though, even if the photographer pares it down to the best of the best, you still have a hard time imagining what something will look like hanging on the wall, in the room of your choice, at your home. Do you ever find yourself wondering if an 8x10 will be big enough? Is a 20x40 too big? What about the color of the frame? Should I mat it? Should I buy a canvas? Oh the options! I'm spinning out of control.

Alright there buckaroo - take a breath. I have the solution and I'm willing to share. It's called a Wall Display Guide.

Let us imagine that you have a room that you are trying to decorate and it has grey walls and a beautiful pink couch accent, and you are trying to determine what size fine art print would look best. I (and no I won't tell you how - it's magic! Okay - it's Photoshop. Shhh!) so anyways, I pull up the first image - your room. (That would be the photo with nothing but the pink couch.) You are struggling between two photos of the roses... one with the pink tulle background and one with the black cloth background. You love both of them and you just don't know how you'll ever decide. But then, with a click here, and a click there, I pull up four photos for you - two 20x40 canvases and two 20x30 matted frames with your two favorite photos displayed just like they would look hanging on your walls at home. And you gasp, and oooohhh, and aaaahhh, and you tell me how amazing I am, how wonderful, that I am just awesome-sauce! Huh. Think I went a little overboard there?

Me? Dramatic? Never. Just ask my family. Stoic Myra they call me... just ask!

The truth is, this is a benefit of working with a professional photographer. Not only do I have templates on different colored couches and room styles, we can take a photo of the wall in your room where you are thinking about hanging your photos, and then select which one you think will look best.

Just don't be surprised when you say, "No, I like the one with the pink carnations best."