Choosing your Art

One of the best parts of having your photos taken, is the planning your wall gallery! A few weeks ago I posted an example of how I can create a lay-out of your favorite prints to help envision how they will look on the wall. After all - what are gorgeous photos for if not to be printed and displayed!

Last October I was lucky enough to spend some time with the Lambert family walking through the woods that surround their property. It was absolutely stunning out with the Autumn colors - although it was quite chilly and some teenager I know did not want to wear a warm coat or warmer sweater because it would ruin the aesthetic of her outfit so she shivered most of the session, but I digress!

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago, and the Lambert's were lucky enough to be a winner of a 50% off three prints of their choice. Which was great! Until we had to make a choice as to what size, and should they print a canvas, or a metal print? Did they want bigger sizes or smaller sizes, did they want them framed, matted... oh the list is endless!!

I finally asked if they could send me a photo of the wall where they would like to hang their prints, which they did. That is the photo above. Notice they did not take the other pictures off; they just snapped a photo and sent it to me via text. From there I took the photo and moved it into Photoshop, where I removed their photos and created a blank canvas to work with. (Photo #1) I also straightened the photo a little and cropped it down so it was level.

From there it was adding a photo here, adding a photo there, rearranging them and adding a few things. It was simple, easy, and gives you a much better idea of how something will look, such as whether or not the prints you like will look good together.

This is one of the things that I offer through my photography packages. From the moment you book, until the moment I deliver your products, I am here as a resource, or someone to bounce ideas off of, or just to hold your hand if need be. I'm good at that too!