Meet Summer!

Summer is a Class of 2021 Senior who allowed me the opportunity to capture her senior photos. This was one of my favorite sessions as I had taken her sister's photos two years ago, and I remember her tagging along then. This time roles reversed and mom and sister were tagging along after Summer, who was rocking it!

One of the first things I notice about Summer is her genuine smile, her gorgeous hair, and beautiful complexion.

I also noticed an air of simplicity, naturalness, a just a bit of shyness. Who wouldn't be shy after all? You stand in front of a camera, while this muck boot wearing photographer tells you to raise your hand, and then immediately follows it up with "oh, like this". It's a wonder she made it through the night!

We didn't make it to any "exotic" locations or have fancy effects because when you have the beauty of what is all around us, and a pretty girl, I believe all you need is good light, some coordinating colors and outfits, and a lot of laughter (You try wearing muck boots walking across mossy, slippery rocks carrying your camera equipment and trying not to fall in!!). Which is what I love in my photography.

My goal is to be an authentic, natural photographer, who captures the natural, authentic you. Maybe that means we walk along a small town street and head to a little creek. Maybe that means we head to a lake, to a field where your car or your horse is, maybe it's heading to a big city to go a little urban - whatever you feel your personality is then lets go for it!

How can I capture your photos?