The first session after the COVID-19 lockdown

Early last month, I had the opportunity to spend the evening capturing some images of a wonderful young lady I met through attending the local high school basketball games. Jordyn, a Class of 2020 graduate, while having her portrait done earlier in the year for the yearbook, wanted to focus on some photos with her sports gear and equipment. Luckily for us, she also had her cap and gown along for the ride. We decided to use the facilities at the high school since track was one of her favorite sports.

As we were walking from the parking lot to the track field, Jordyn asked why I became a photographer and after sharing my cancer journey, I found that Jordyn had a much better understanding of what I went through as her family had gone through the same thing. Different cancers, different ages, but I truly believed that she was understanding some of the things I was talking about in a way that others may not be able to. 

Time flew by

For the next two hours, we moved from one spot to another and laughed, quite a bit. I loved how I would start a sentence, and Jordyn would finish the move before I could even specifically state what I wanted her to do. I kept telling her she should probably stop that because starting and stopping sentences in the middle was a HUGE pet peeve of my husband and daughter – and she was not discouraging me from stopping. LOL

We ended the evening distance hugging – because you know COVID-19 is going down (speaking of, anybody else want to return 2020 and start over?).  

I thought we were done but then...

I found out differently

Later, I found out that the new lens I had used for the session was having a bit of a hiccup and some of the images were not as high quality as I expected or wanted (too much pixilation, focusing on wrong focal point, etc.).  I calibrated my lens and gave a shout-out to ‘J’ and asked her if she didn’t want some pictures of her and her horse – ‘cuz this girl can ride! Well, I haven’t seen her ride, but considering she ropes calves (I’m sure I’m messing this up somehow, but remember I’m a photographer, not a rodeo expert) I’m guessing she can ride pretty dang good. I also explained the technical issue I had, and she wholeheartedly agreed to having me come out and capture a few more images with her uniforms, and some with one of her horses. 

Now, I’ll spare you all the details, but suffice it to say that if I could I would just put a cot in a stall in the barn and live there. My happy place (a barn), my spirit animals (horses and dogs), and my camera. I was (and still am) in 7th Heaven.  Then, as the sun sank lower in the sky the lighting was gorgeous – so if there is something above 7th Heaven, that’s where I was. Oh, what a fun night! I especially liked it when I was standing by the fence taking photos of ‘J’  with her jerseys and suddenly, I felt something very soft, and some heavy breathing on my neck. Appears Cowboy and I had a pretty tight bond as he laid his head over my shoulder and kept it there while I snapped photos. (‘J’  claims he’s affectionate to everybody, but I refuse to believe that and know those Cowboy cuddles were just for me.) 

This time no technical glitches, which there shouldn’t be, but sometimes things are out of my control. I do my best to roll with them, and if need be, it’s on my time and dime if we need to reshoot. But knowing that trying to get everything and everyone assembled and on the same page can sometimes be horrendous – so normally there are no glitches. ‘J’’s session was the exception. 

Despite all that, considering the message I received from her (written in all caps which anyone who is anyone knows in social media language that’s like yelling with excitement – unless it’s nasty words and then it’s probably someone is mad at you) as to how much she LOVED the new images. 

Two sessions are not my normal mode of operation; however, I have no complaints. I could take pictures of her all day long! (Now if only I could convince her to let me go horseback riding.) LOL

Until next time, capture your story creatively!


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