It's all in the Eyes

Last week I was able to travel to Holdingford, Minnesota to photograph a young man, Xander, who will be a Class of 2021 graduate. I have to admit that despite the fact that Holdingford is a mere 45 minutes away from where I live and grew up, I have never actually been to the town. I was very surprised and pleased to discover so many unique and different options for Xander's session.

I met Xander and his mom at the iconic covered bridge, which was built in 2008 and is part of the Lake Wobegon Trail. We started our session here and while walking towards the bridge I asked Xander what he envisioned his senior photos to look like and he mentioned nature, grass, trees, the sky, and his truck. Mom's request was to have some with the bridge, and I was able to capture some great shots of Xander with the bridge in the background. (If you look carefully, I was able to get some walkers on the trail as well. Well, okay. They are just those little black dots in the middle of the trail in the photo where he was standing, but you get my point!)

A Boy and His Truck

After we finished at the bridge, as we were walking back to the vehicles, Xander asked about parking his vehicle in front of a building. Little did he know that was exactly the building I was hoping to use in the photos as the sun was shining beautifully there, had plenty of room for his truck, and was an old brick building that has obviously been in Holdingford for some time.

It was about this time I realized that this young man had the most gorgeous eyes! I probably embarrassed him pretty good from that point on as I swooned just a little bit. Luckily he was pretty good-natured and humored this old lady.

A Little Bit of Country

When asked where he wanted to head off to next, Xander mentioned part of the Lake Wobegon Trail that was just outside of town a little bit. We headed that way and were able to capture some gorgeous setting sun shots, as well as stumbling across an old dilapidated barn, which I, of course, had to incorporate into a shot. After all, that is my second love of photography ... finding abandoned buildings. :)

I truly enjoyed exploring this new area and hope I'll be able to get there again soon. It was definitely a photographer's paradise with the brick buildings for backgrounds, lush greenery, trails on both sides of town, and a definite sense of small town with every car waving as you pass by. If you haven't gone and explored Holdingford, you might just want to head on over!