Austin - Class of 2021

As a photographer, I am always ready to get out and take photos for someone. So when a request for a session comes in and you just happen to have an opening in three days, you do whatever it takes to make it happen...and so we did! We honestly did not have a location for this shoot until late afternoon the day before, and it was somewhere I had never been. Which just means I had no idea how the lighting would be, where the best spots would be, etc. That doesn't stop me, but it can and has presented challenges. Luckily - that was not the case with this one.

Mill Park

Mill Park in Little Falls, Minnesota was the final location and it was glorious! An early morning shoot is definitely the perfect time for the lighting - in fact I was actually wishing we had started about an hour earlier. However, when the photographer messes up which park she should be at and is running 15 minutes late, an hour earlier would probably not have been the smartest move. It didn't matter in the end as I'm pretty confident these photos show. (For more information about Mill Park, check out this website.)

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A Natural Smile

Whenever I start a new session the first two questions I usually ask are in regards to how mom and the Graduate envision their photos. Mom's response here was 'a natural smile'. I guess there had been some other photos taken, however, they didn't quite capture this young man's true smile. I assured mom that would not be a problem as I was sure to embarrass him enough that his true smile would not be hidden. Luckily I was right! Austin's true smile came out more than once and I couldn't have enjoyed this morning shoot any more. On top of that, I received the best compliment I ever could have. After I called it a wrap, Austin proclaimed, "This was awesome!". I don't think I told him, but that gave me goosebumps as that is the exact response I want everyone to have when we finish. Not that he had been modeling for two hours, that his jaw was hurting from smiling so much, that his knees hurt from squatting down on inclines and hills or that he ripped a hole in his brand new jeans - but that his shoot was awesome. I can safely pack this one away in my "mission accomplished" file.

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