Documenting Everyday Life

So I have heard, through the grapevine, that some people are finding staying at home to be boring. Well I have the answer to that! Document life during the 2020 pandemic.

No, seriously! Why not? In years to come, there will be a whole new generation who will look at us old people (not me us, but us us) and say the say what now? Last night and today I pretty much had camera in hand, much to the dismay of my dogs and husband. (Whoops! I almost put husbands as in I had more than one. That would not have sat well with the one husband I do have. LOL) In the process, I have captured some great photos.

Memories are for remembering

It doesn't matter if this is a good memory, or a bad memory right now. It is a memory, which in my opinion needs to be documented. It's our crazy life, and the beauty is in the journey, not just the finish line. Spend some time recording this history and then create something to remember it by - a post, an album on Facebook, or contact me about printing out good quality photos that will last a lifetime.

fawn colored Labrador type dog walking down shoulder of road with a black and fawn colored German Shepherd