I am so excited!!

And I just can't hide it - I'm about to lose control and I like it! (Does that age me? It is a song if you didn't know!) Hi there! It has been so long since I last made any type of post, you probably have forgotten who I am. Let me introduce myself...again...just to make sure you know who you are reading about.

My name is Myra J. Horner and I am a photographer, traveler, and blogger. I reside in beautiful central Minnesota (in fact, there is a rumor that the town just to the north of us is actually documented as being the exact center of Minnesota, no matter what direction you traveled from - how cool is that?) with my husband Rodney, who I met in 1990), our two dogs (who are spoiled rotten, I know) Coach and Harley, the other two four legged friends (the cats - who are supposed to be out catching rodents but spend too much time sitting at the doors meowing). We moved to this area from the Twin Cities in 2001 and haven't looked back. Both hubby and I have country spirits and there is absolutely nothing compared to the beauty that surrounds us each and every day. Rod and I enjoy taking his motorcycle out to explore old country roads, we love to camp, I am an avid reader, and I love photography. Oh! And in my spare time Harley (my dog) and I are in training to be certified as a Search and Rescue K9 team.

Okay - now that I've caught you back up :) let me explain why I am so excited. The last few months of 2019 have been slightly crazy. After 7 years of working for the best boss I have ever had the pleasure to work with, I decided to step away. Ten days later I figured out one of the reasons I had stepped away from working full time - Rodney had a heart attack on New Year's Eve and we were in the hospital until Friday afternoon, which is an hour away. If I had been working, it would have been extremely stressful, but as I was home I just went and stayed down there with him. He's fine by the way, well other than he has to watch his diet, exercise, and take medication. Which cracks me up just a little (and yes I am aware I probably have a sick sense of humor) but if he and I were concerned about diet and exercise, he probably wouldn't have any need for the medication.

I digress. In those ten days before NYE, I made the decision that I wanted to invest myself more into my photography. I have a fabulous mentor/business coach, and I am so excited about the opportunities I am creating for myself. So there it is. My BIG news!

I would like to welcome you to the new, and slightly oh so better, 3.03 version (more like 103.03 but...) of Myra J. Horner, Seniors, Families, and Pets Photographer. A new website, a new focus, a new start. I will be back to blogging, more consistently. I have some fabulous photographs I want to share of Marinette, Wisconsin and Menomonie, Michigan. My first visiting Michigan and Menomonie did not disappoint! That is what I hope to be blogging about... my photography whether it is a session I took, a road trip we went on, or a book I've read and I really, really, really want to share it with you, or simply a quick post to let you know I'm still alive. Please feel free to contact me, and more importantly, if you know of some fabtabulous location where I should go, tell me! Last 4th of July, Rod, the dogs, and I drove to Theodore Roosevelt National Park (which I absolutely LOVED!). I would never have known or thought about going there if it wasn't for someone posting about it on Facebook. Can't thank them enough because honestly, if I could live there I would. (And that has nothing to do with the wild horses that live there. Okay - maybe just a little!)

So check out my new website at www.myrajhorner.com, or join me on Instagam at www.instagram.com/myrajhornerphotography, Facebook at www.facebook.com/myrajhornerphotography, or Pinterest at www.pinterest.com/myrajhorner. Like my new logo? Let me know!

Capture life creatively!!