My mission is to capture your stories through photography, to provide an enjoyable experience in front of the camera, and present timeless images to be treasured for generations.

Photographer Myra J Horner kneeling in front of her flower garden with her beloved rescue pup Harley by her side.

Photographer Myra J Horner and her beloved pup Harley

Hi! I'm Myra

Fresh, Genuine, Authentic

The ever dreaded "tell me a little bit about yourself" moment is here ... who likes talking about themselves right? Yeah, I really don't have that problem. My problem is more about keeping this concise, simple, and to the point. LOL

  1. I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer in 2016. It was then I realized that dreaming about dreams does not make them come true. Now I'm busy working towards those dreams.
  2. I moved in with my husband 10 days after I met him. Not something I would recommend, but it must have worked for us ... 2020 marks 30 years!
  3. I love, no adore, making people laugh, relaxed, and happy. There is no telling what I will say to make that happen (much to my daughter's chagrin). Building a connection with others is my jam.
  4. My dog Harley and I are certified Land Search & Rescue volunteers. Harley is certified in HRD (which is human remains detection). This was another dream I had that wasn't achieved until after breast cancer.
  5. I am a HUGE spirit junkie, iced coffee drinking MN Wild hockey fan.
  6. Wholeheartedly believe in that without photography we would never remember those moments that are gone in a moment.
  7. I am one of the most genuine, down-to-earth, natural people you will ever meet. What you see is what you get - relaxed, authentic, fresh.

Natural, Relaxed, Down-to-earth

I look forward to discovering your story!

9 month old baby boy without shirt wearing jeans and bandanna with cowboy hat on head posing

Also photographing families, children, pets, and selling landscape fine art prints.


Lindsay M.

“Myra is fantastic! She did a “cousins” session with 3 of my boys and 3 of my nephews. She captured so many shots for us! She was so fun with them and so patient. I didn’t feel the need to apologize once for boys being boys. I should also mention that the youngest was just 3 months old and the oldest was 7. I highly recommend Myra!”

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Visit the Flourish Academy website.

Flourish Academy

In an effort to continue my photography education; I am a proud member of the Flourish Academy. The first quarter of 2020 I was an inaugural participant in the Elevate program, which was specifically created and dedicated to excellence in photography and how to provide an exceptional client experience. For more information visit

Professional Photographers of America

PPA is another organization I am a proud member of to continue my education, stay up to date with latest trends and equipment, and a great place for the most up-to-date resources.

Shoot and Share Photo Contest

Another way I like to stay on top of the photography game, and challenge myself to learn and improve skills is entering photography contests. For the 2020 Shoot and Share contest, I went "all-in" and submitted 50 photos!

It takes courage

Putting your art out in to the world for everyone to see, takes a lot of courage. Especially for me as I put my heart and soul into every photo I take, and of course I love them all! To hear what someone else has to say isn't the easiest, but there is absolutely no better way to improve your craft than to listen constructive feedback.


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